Fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

Port Eighty recommends dedicated servers for the additional security benefits such as isolating your website from other clients and to give you a lot more control over packages which can be installed on system. As you are not running your website on the same server as other clients you won’t suffer from additional load caused by noisy neighbours.

Below are some price plans of our standard configurations. If you are unsure what you need or need something which isn’t listed contact us.

Cost Calculator

Server Information

All hosting plans run on servers that store data on solid-state drives (SSDs)


£ 12.50/GB – The total amount of RAM is multiplied by # of servers


£ 0.275/GB – The total amount of disk space is multiplied by # of servers


Open Source Software

Additional Licenses


Website Information

Multiplied by number of websites

Multiplied by number of websites

Multiplied by number of websites


Additional websites charged at £40 instead of base hosting plan cost

Service Information

Total Monthly Cost£

    This quote is for estimation purposes and is not a guarantee of cost for services. Actual cost may change once we better understand your hosting requirements.

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    All Our plans include

    Emergency Support
    UK Based
    Company & Staff
    99.9% Uptime